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Pivoting Toward Distance Learning Services in MENA

Due to the emerging demand for online learning platforms in our region, we took the chance and trained our team on creating and managing reliable platforms in Arabic interfaces to match the needs of schools and educational institutes in the MENA region.

New Partnership in Education Sector with: Niuversity

Bluethroat and Niuversity agreed on combining their services in the Education sector to provide institutes in the MENA region with high-quality Learning Management Systems (LMS) side by side with professional training...

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Developing an Online Business Model Generator for a Startup in Lebanon

Our team worked on a special project for MyPlan Startup in Beirut to develop a web-based app to generate Business Model Canvas in an easy and interactive way...

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Launching Nest (Bluethroat Client Portal)

As per our promise to guarantee 100% satisfaction of our client's communication channels, we built NEST client's portal. It helps our client reaching information needed at any time in a smart easy-to-use way...

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New Partnership in Iraq Region

Bluethroat and Khadijah Designs are partners in the Iraq region, agreed on providing clients with high-quality branding services...

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