Case Study: Digital Citizenship Course in

Earlier this week we’ve created a sample course in as a clear example of the basic features of our platform. This sample course is taken from Common Sense Organization, check the link at the bottom of this page to access the material.

Adding Courses is quite easy in Teachers can divide the course into weeks or topics, then add activities and resources for these weeks.

The platform has a verity of activities to add, like:

  • Lectures (Video, Text, and Audio)
  • Assignments
  • Forum
  • Quiz
  • Glossary
  • Live Chat
  • Link
  • File
  • Book
  • and many more…

Let’s explore these screenshots together to see how its feel to be student in the portal:

Login page

Each use has it’s own credentials and profile. – Login Page


After login, Students can see their current classes, calendar, reminders, who is online, recent notifications, and recent messages. – Homepage

Course’s Page

Each course has its own isolated ecosystem, its own resources, students, teachers, calendar, and gradebook. – Course’s Page


The lecture can be a text, or video, or even an audio. Teachers have the ability to add pictures and links within the lecture. – Lecture


Students can check homework, ready instructions, learn about the due date, and submit their responses. The response may be as a text, essay, video, file, or even a voice note. – Assignment


Quizzes are one of the most advanced features in vTeacher because teachers can make their quizzes 100% automated, with the ability to grade the students automatically, generate reports, save questions to the question bank, and many more. – Quiz


Every student has his/her own gradebook. – Gradebook


The Calendar is personalized for every student with advanced legends student can easily spot the date of his/her next homework or quiz. – Quiz

Please feel free to ask for the demo credentials to access this course and check the features by your own.

Thank you

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