New Partnership in Education Sector with: Niuversity

Niuversity is an educational institution based in Berlin, it focuses on the online delivery of education as a tool to reach people wherever they are and whenever they want. Niuversity has partnerships agreement with Maharat min Google, Cisco, and Pearson.

  • DATE23 June, 2020
  • PARTNERSHIP FIELDEducation Consulting & Training Services
Partnership Goal

Bluethroat and Niuversity agreed on combining their services in the Education sector to provide institutes in the MENA region with high-quality Learning Management Systems (LMS) side by side with professional training and consultation to convert to a distance learning approach.


Address: Kiefholy Straße 403b, 12435 – Berlin, Germany

Email: [email protected]


Combined Services:

Clinets of Bluethroat & Niuversity can get:

  • Reliable, Secure, and High-Quality Learning Management Systems to Education Institutes.
  • How-to Tutorials for Client’s Staff Members.
  • Training to Obtain a Certificate of “Professional Teaching and Online Instructor”
  • Training to Obtain a Certificate of Distance Education Specialist
  • Direct Consultation for Converting to Distance Education Approach.

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