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Usually, Normal website gets less than 50000 visitors per month.
Blog posts and products are excluded. Choose the number of static pages only.
If you don't show your products on the website, leave it 0.
Contact, registeration and other forms.
Like, comment and share buttons.
Used for listing-based websites.
Do you want customers to login and have profiles on the website?
Information about website visitors.
Get live messages from customers, and reply directly.
News, Articles and other post types.
Using MailChimp service.
Get paid by your customers online.
Using GSuite service. Ex: [email protected]

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Website Title Title here
Website Type Job Portal
Monthly Visitors 50000
N. Pages 5
N. Products 50
Languages English, Arabic
Features ‍Liv‍‍‍e chat, Online Payment‍‍‍

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